Frequently Asked Questions


How do I open a BetVision account?

Look out for the ‘JOIN NOW’ button; it will be situated towards the top right-hand corner of the site. A successful registration process should take no more than a couple of minutes, follow the easy steps to sign up and begin your betting journey right away!

What steps do I take to recover my forgotten Password?

For desktop password retrieval, do the following:

click on the ‘FORGOT PASSWORD?’ option, located after you click the login button on the site.v

follow the prompts after that

For Mobile or Tablet password retrieval of the following:

- look for the ‘HELP > LOST PASSWORD’ option, click on it

Prompts to follow:

- Fill in your Username and Email address, so that we can send you a new password

How can I go about closing my BetVision account?

It is important to note that as valued BetVision customers, you can close your betting account at any time, all you’ll need to do is contact our Support Team, either via Email or via the Live Chat options. If a Time Out is what you’re after, or you would like to find details on Self-Exclusion, please check out our Responsible Gambling page as well.

Is it possible for me to set up a daily deposit limit?

By all means, yes, all BetVision customers are fully capable of being able to set limits, daily, weekly or monthly. Visit our Responsible Gambling page for all the details on how to go about setting those limits.


What is the minimum amount needed to make a successful?

There are various deposit methods and options available at BetVision. Therefore each method may have a varying minimum deposit amount for each. Therefore, please feel free to head on over to the ‘Deposits and Withdrawals’ page accordingly, you will find all the information needed for banking at BetVision right there.

Which deposit methods are accepted?

BetVision is proud to advise that a few different depositing methods are available and accepted:

Local bank transfer

3rd party payment

What is the fee required to make a deposit or withdrawal?

Although we here at BetVision do not charge a fee for depositing and withdrawing to and from a BetVision account, the various banking methods chosen by a patron may indeed have a cost incurred. Please feel free to check with your e-wallet provider, bank or card scheme provider to determine if there is a fee attached to your preferred banking method.

How long do I need to wait for deposits to reflect in my account?

When it comes to depositing into your BetVision account, this usually takes immediate effect. In some instances, however, dependent on the method of deposit adopted and if the said method has been used before or not, there may be a waiting period. It may be that we would need to perform some security checks on our end, and could request some additional supporting documents from you, before successfully accepting the funds deposited. As soon as all security checks are carried out successfully, you will then be able to continue betting and playing immediately.

For those customers that choose to use the e-wallet banking options, there may be a short waiting period as the email address associated with the e-wallet is verified. AS soon as the email verification process has been successfully conducted, the funds should then be available for play.

How long does a withdrawal request take to action?

To be fully compliant with Anti-Money Laundering legislation, and as is laid out clearly in our Terms and Conditions associated with our Online Gambling Licence, we are under obligation to do due diligence before approving any withdrawal request. This due diligence includes various security checks that need to be carried out from our end. Once all checks have been done, and we are satisfied with the outcome, it then may depend on the withdrawal method chosen by each patron, as it could take up to 2-3 days for a specific bank to release funds accordingly. As for normal withdrawals, these are usually quite instant.


What advantages are there to placing my bets with BetVision?

Quite simply put, here at BetVision you can expect a premium sports betting experience. Not only is there a wide array of betting selections available for you to stake your claim on, but you will also find the very best odds right here.

How does one go about placing an accumulator or multiple bets?

When it comes to placing multiple bets, or otherwise known as an Accumulator bet, one merely needs to opt for those selections wanting to bet on, and below each selection will be a ‘multiple bet’ option. Click on the box of your choice, and viola – get that bet placed!

Is there a minimum and maximum to the number of stakes I can make?

At BetVision one is indeed able to place a bet higher than the maximum allowed. Simply submit your bets selections and wait for your bet to be either approved or a new offer given to you – all to be determined by the expert eyes of any one of our trained and professional traders.

What does the term ‘Cash Out’ mean?

When you see the term: ‘Cash Out’, this is referring to a sportsbook feature that BetVision offers all its sports betting customers. This feature allows for patrons to take either a profit or loss on their bet placed before the bet has settled. All Cash Out offers are real-time features and will reflect the live market prices.

How do I take up the ‘Cash Out’ feature on my bet?

To take up this awesome BetVision feature, follow these easy steps, as highlighted below:

Place a single or accumulator bet on a pre-match or live event;

Head on over to the ‘My Bets' tab on the Betting Slip;

Note the current Cash Out value of your bets;

Redeem the Cash Out amount by clicking on the ‘Cash Out’ button.

Why is it that I cannot Cash Out my bet?

It is important to note that this ‘Cash out’ feature is not actually available on ALL bet selections. Wherever you may find a bet that does not offer the ‘Cash Out’ option, then it simply does not have that feature available with that particular bet selection at this given time. Please do go ahead and check the ‘My Bets’ section regularly to double check if the ‘Cash Out’ feature has recently been made available for that selection or not.

What does the term ‘Bonus Token’ refer to?

At BetVision, a bonus token refers to a bonus that can be utilised to place a bet on any given (or sometimes pre-determined) selection. Should the bet placed with a bonus token win, the winnings will only be from the bet, as the bonus is not included in the bet returns.

What do I do if I can’t find my Bonus Token?

Be sure to check the ‘Active’ and ‘Previous Bonus Token’ history that can be found in the ‘Bonus Information’ page of your BetVision account.

How do I use my Bonus Token?

It is quite easy to take up a bonus token and use it for your bet selection placement. Here’s how:

The Bonus Token will need to be accessible in the bet slip;

Select your selection/s and choose either a single or accumulator bet on a pre-match or live event;

You MUST select ‘Bonus Token’ from the drop-down box, as this will automatically populate the desired bet amount;

Next, choose ‘Place Bet’

Can I get another Bonus Token if one has expired?

At BetVision, all Bonus Tokens are valid for five days from issue date only. BetVision cannot re-issue any Bonsu Tokens should the Bonus Token expire.

More on Bonus Credits

Here’s how to use them:

All Bonus credits will be used as soon as a sports’ real balance has reached ‘0’.

When making use of bonus credits, should the bet land up being a win, the winnings will be credited as cash and will have to meet all wagering requirements prior to being able to withdraw the wins.

Your stake will be returned with any winnings generated from bonus credits.


How do I get the Bonus Code to work?

You’ll find your Bonus in the ‘Bonus + Balance’ wallet. You’ll notice that this section shows all the deposited funds and bonuses combined. Should you still believe that the bonus code has not activated a bonus credit into your account, please be sure to contact Customer Care via an Email or via the Live Chat option.

What is the stipulated Wager Requirement for each bonus?

Be sure to check out the Terms and Conditions for each bonus offered, as the wagering requirements will be clearly stipulated therein. Should you be unsure as to what your current bonus and its wagering requirement status is, be sure to get in touch with our Customer Care agents, to request the Status of the requirement accordingly. You can get in touch with BetVision support via an email or via the Live Chat option.

Is it possible to opt out of a bonus?

It is not possible to opt out of any bonus offers, once the bonus has already been taken, without forfeiting any winnings won during the bonus uptake.


All About Responsible Gambling

At BetVision we endeavour to ensure all our patrons play and gamble responsibly. What we have on offer, to provide just that, is a comprehensive Responsible Gambling policy. Please click here for all the information.

BetVision Licences

BETVISION is licensed and regulated by the Gambling Commission of Great Britain for provision of services to the United Kingdom.

Got Complaints?

Should you be unhappy with any part of our service, please feel free to contact us immediately via Customer Support. In the event that a satisfactory resolution has not been reached, please do lodge your complaint at [email protected]


More on Technical Support

All things these days are digitally-minded, which may infer a need to be tech-savvy, but not so at BetVision, when it comes to troubleshooting and get over those technical hurdles, we’ve got you covered. Should any of our patrons experience major technical issues due to problems related to system maintenance, this will be relayed to each patron via the website and/or via an email. For any other technical issues or questions that may arise, please feel free to contact our professional and trained Customer Support team, who will gladly talk you through the various steps required to resolve any particular problem.

At BetVision we endeavour to minimise the potential of technical difficulties for all our loyal customers. We do so with continual monitoring of the status of our website and all games offered, using only the best in software providers, while also undergoing regular site maintenance in order to streamline and improve all our processes.

Below are some of the more common technical issues one may come across:

Unsupported Browsers

BetVision’s betting and casino platform no longer support the Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) browser when developing and testing new features. On a global level, Microsoft has ceased the maintenance for IE8 after 2015 for several reasons. No loss of existing functionality should be expected. However future irregularities may occur.

General Troubleshooting

Important to note is the fact that all web browsers (including Safari on any iOS system) will store web pages, search history and preferences; these elements are called ‘cache’ and ‘cookies’. Your web browser stores these to help speed up general internet usage and assists in further customising search results. Therefore, when you revisit a web page, the browser will attempt to load it from the cache first, which will be quicker than retrieving the page again from the internet, as well as utilising less data on load up.

Continued use of any given browser can build up an ample storage of cache and cookies which can eventually slow down and cause errors when using the internet. Clearing the cache and cookies will assist in speeding up both your phone and browser speeds. It is generally recommended that users clear their cache and cookies at least once a week.

Here is how to clear an iPhone Cache:

From the Home screen, tap ‘Settings’

Then select ‘Safari’

At the bottom of Safari’s settings screen, tap the buttons for ‘Clear Cookies and Data’

For all Technical Support questions, queries or concerns, please email us at [email protected]